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Alpha Texas Tech University [email protected]
Beta Texas A&M University [email protected]
Gamma University of Texas - El Paso [email protected]
Delta University of Arizona [email protected]
Epsilon The University of Texas Arlington - [email protected]
Zeta Sam Houston State University [email protected]
Eta (Dormant) West Texas A&M University [email protected]
Theta University of Houston [email protected]
Iota New Mexico State University [email protected]
Kappa Northern Arizona University [email protected]
Lambda Arizona State University [email protected]
Mu (Dormant) Eastern New Mexico University [email protected] 
Nu Tarleton State University [email protected]
Xi Prairie View A&M University [email protected]
Omicron Texas State University - San Marcos [email protected]
Pi The University of Texas - Austin [email protected]
Rho Washington State University [email protected]
Sigma       The University of Oklahoma [email protected]   @OUPenguins
Tau (Dormant) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [email protected] 
Upsilon Southern Methodist University [email protected]
Phi Stephen F. Austin State University [email protected]
Chi The University of Texas - San Antonio [email protected]
Psi St. Mary's University [email protected]
Omega Reserved    
Alpha Alpha Wichita State University [email protected]
Alpha Beta The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
[email protected]
Alpha Gamma California State University - Dominguez Hills [email protected]
Alpha Delta Texas A&M University - Kingsville [email protected]
Alpha Epsilon Baylor University [email protected]
Alpha Zeta University of Nevada - Las Vegas [email protected]
Alpha Eta University of Nevada - Reno [email protected]
Alpha Theta
University of Houston Downtown [email protected] 
Alpha Iota Texas A&M International University [email protected]
Alpha Kappa University of Wisconsin - Madison [email protected]
Alpha Lambda Eastern Washington University [email protected]
Alpha Mu (Dormant) Texas Southern University [email protected]
Alpha Nu Midwestern State University [email protected]
Alpha Xi Texas A&M University - Commerce [email protected] @TAMUCPenguins
Alpha Omicron University of New Mexico [email protected]
Alpha Pi University of Washington [email protected]
Alpha Rho Lamar University [email protected]
Alpha Sigma Florida State University [email protected]
Alpha Tau Southwestern University [email protected]
Alpha Upsilon University of North Texas [email protected]
Alpha Phi California State University - Monterrey Bay [email protected]
Alpha Chi University of Utah [email protected]
Alpha Psi Oregon State University [email protected] @KDXAlphaPsi
Alpha Omega Southern Illinois University - Carbondale [email protected]
Beta Alpha University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign [email protected]
Beta Beta Clarkson University [email protected]
Beta Gamma Our Lady of the Lake University [email protected]
Beta Delta  Western Oregon University [email protected]
Beta Epsilon Michigan State University
[email protected]
Beta Zeta University of Texas - Dallas
[email protected] @UTD_KDChi
Beta Eta Colorado State University - Fort Collins
[email protected]
Beta Theta Northeastern Illinois University 
[email protected]
Beta Iota Oklahoma State University [email protected]  
Beta Kappa University of Central Oklahoma [email protected]  
Beta Lambda  University of California, Merced [email protected]  
Beta Mu Portland State University [email protected]  
Beta Nu Emporia State University [email protected]  
Beta Xi University of South Carolina [email protected]  
Beta Omicron Northwestern University [email protected]  
Beta Pi University of North Texas - Dallas [email protected]  
Beta Rho
California State University, Los Angeles [email protected]  
Beta Sigma
Heritage University [email protected]  
Beta Tau
California State University, San Bernardino [email protected]  
Beta Upsilon Northern Illinois University [email protected]  
Beta Phi Auburn University [email protected]  
Beta Chi University of Idaho [email protected]  
Beta Psi University of West Florida [email protected]  
Beta Omega University of Southern California [email protected]
Gamma Alpha Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi [email protected]
Gamma Beta California State University at Sacramento

[email protected]

Colony University of Incarnate World

[email protected]

Colony  Kansas State University [email protected]  
Colony  University of Northern Colorado [email protected]  
Colony  Western Michigan University [email protected]  
Colony  University of Kansas [email protected]  
Colony  University of Nebraska-Lincoln [email protected]  
Colony  Florida International University [email protected]